Monday, July 27, 2009


Krikawa Jewelry Designs just negotiated the rights to produce the FLiP, a musical instrument aid that, when worn, enables guitarists to alternate effortlessly between playing with a guitar pick and strumming with one's fingers. The FLiP is the cast-metal and gem and motif accented version of the recently patented Jam Kat product. Here is a picture of a gold FLiP.

The idea for the Jam Kat originally nearly twenty years ago as President and founder of Pick-Smith, Inc., Patrick Swartz, experienced what every guitarist struggles with at some point: the sheer annonyance of picking up, putting down, and subsequently losing guitar picks while playing, writing music, and recording songs. He had a short brainstorm -- imagining what it would be like to grasp a pick and slide it halfway up his finger, retracting it when not in use. He had built a small prototype version for his personal use. With advances in drawing, modeling, and rendering, personal computing, and computer-assisted design, the prototype underwent several revisions.

Krikawa Jewelry Designs experienced unprecedented growth in the past decade, which gave Patrick greater access to technologies that would build up the prototype. Enjoying a lifelong creative exchange when it came to his music and her metalsmithing and John's technical savvy, we jumped at the chance to work on the Jam Kat. With the old prototypes scrapped and the pick holster being recreated into a cast metal setting, Patrick found plastic injection to be very workable into the piece. Two years later, Patrick filed the patent for the Jam Kat pick holster and development continues to the current day.

Patrick is excited about offering online orders for the Jam Kat within the next month. Click here for ordering information. Patrick also invites Facebook users to check out and follow the Pick-Smith fan page.

We wrap up the spotlight on the Jam Kat with some online video. Please be sure to let the video completely buffer and load before viewing.

Jam Kat product demonstration

Check out some additional footage Lisa shoot at the NAMM '09 festival.

Rock on!