Thursday, August 12, 2010

Design Your Own Engagement Ring in Tucson, AZ!

Our website isn't the only thing to write home about (or forward to a friend, for that matter). Our showroom is now ready to entertain you with an unbelievable digital design center; the ultimate in designing your own engagement ring! You can start by choosing from over a thousand designs, and tweak the design right before your very eyes. Change the stone size, height, setting style, width, number and size of accent stones, metal colors, center stone color, see it on a hand, twirl it around, see a photographic rendering, get a price quote and order your very own, self-designed and customized, one of a kind engagement ring. To top it off, the pricing through our in-store digital design center is downright affordable.

design center

Come in today and experience the true customization of your special ring. This service is available only in-store, so call to schedule a visit at 520-322-6090, or walk right in during business hours and play with us!