Monday, October 14, 2013

Vintage Style Engagement Rings with a Modern Twist

The Look of Vintage: Engagement Rings Made New
Echoes of the Past

Roaring Twenties dressHave you heard that history repeats itself?  Well I've heard another saying that rings a little more true for me.  History echoes itself.  I believe this is as true in life as it is in fashion.  With vintage-style and antique-looking engagement rings making a comeback, I decided to get inspired by some truly unique vintage designs!  The design and goldsmithing team at Krikawa has put together a portfolio of designs that are reminiscent of the past, yet are made in a sturdy, design-savvy Krikawa way.  Of course, you can have any of these designs made just for you with your own stone and metal choices!

Vintage Style Split Twist Engagement Ring
Vintage Split Twist Engagement Ring

Vintage-Looking Engagement Ring
The Split Twist

To begin the show, I present to you a masterpiece of metalsmithing.  This incredible vintage-style engagement ring touts all the accoutrements of the era:  pave set diamonds and sapphires, millegraining, and a decorative pierced gallery and under gallery.

Vintage Split Twist Engagement Ring
Vintage Wedding Dress for the Split Twist Ring

A very subtle motif of hearts is carried throughout this stunning vintage-style engagement ring.  You have to look closely at the side view and the under gallery to see the hearts.  They're like your secret heart, kept safe and away.


 Lovely Lacy, Lacy Vintage Love!
Vintage Lacy Bridal Set
Vintage Lacy Engagement Ring

Vintage Engagement Ring Style

One of my favorite of the series, this sweet vintage-looking set has beautiful yet delicate touches. So much of the design in the early 1920's is just simply pretty.  It's feminine and lacy.  That's what we captured with this work of art.

Vintage Lacy Engagement Ring
Dress for the Lacy Ring

The intertwining detail in the gallery gently cups the centerpiece, which is a scalloped and millegrained halo.  The halo detail is repeated in the band, and echoed in the Men's Vintage Style Wedding Band that accompanies this piece.

Art Deco Engagement Ring
Vintage Deco Cathedral Engagement Ring

Art Deco Engagement Ring
Vintage Cathedral Style

Arching up to the heavens with detailed fishtail hand work, this Art Deco inspired engagement ring sparkles with fire.

This beauty was made for a one carat cushion cut diamond center, and has a glorious front profile.  Do you like it with the red stone?  What color would you choose?

Art Deco Engagement Ring

Art Deco Wedding Dress

Even the side view flares in an Art Deco way, with the lines radiating in graceful arches.  And did you catch the fine sculpted leaves that grace the bottom of the band?

From every angle, this beauty catches the eye and mesmerizes the heart.

Vintage Scalloped Halo
Vintage Scalloped Halo Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

Wispy, long lines evoke the elegance of a time gone by.   The delicate, arching vines that make up the shank of this antique-style engagement ring support a beautiful, intricate diamond halo.  The simplicity of the highly polished shank contrasts with the decorative, millegrained halo.

Vintage Scalloped Halo Engagement Ring

A woman in a long sleeve dress, 1920s vintage fashion photography

I love the pattern that is created by the different sized stones in the halo.  I can imagine it with alternating pink and white diamonds in the halo; what colors spark your imagination?

Vintage Wreath
Vintage Wreath Engagement Ring

Antique-Looking Engagement Ring

This unusual antique-style ring sprouts leaves from the
shank, gently embracing the center stone.  Even the underside of this ring shines with grace; check out the under gallery that is reminiscent of stained glass.

Simple and elegant matching vintage style men's band echoes the detail on the band of the woman's engagement ring.

I can't wait to see this ring with a white oval or cushion-shaped diamond!  It's an interesting design to use for a star sapphire cabochon, as well.

Vintage Style Engagement Ring with Celtic Detail and Blue Sapphire
Vintage Celtic Knot Engagement Ring

 Sapphire Vintage Engagement Ring
with a Celtic Twist

 For this lovely piece, we combined classic elements such as millegraining and hand cut pave with platinum and blue sapphire.

Vintage Celtic Knot Engagement Ring

The Celtic Trinity Knot insert in rose gold added a truly unique custom look, while the pierced gallery under the center stone drove home the classic antique look.

I wasn't sure how the blue sapphire and rose gold was going to play out, but WOW!  It's such a magnificent combination!


This is just a sampling of the complete vintage line created by Krikawa.  It was truly inspiring to become immersed in the roaring twenties and to gaze with loving eyes at the elegant, graceful lines of the Art Deco era.  You can view this collection at  If you have something special in mind, contact a designer at Krikawa!  It could be that we've made something similar to what you are imagining.  If it's a brand-new design, you can enjoy the process of seeing your ideas drafted into a sketch and rendering, and experience the joy of watching your unique inspiration come to life.  There is a passionate team of artists and craftsmen standing by to turn your dream ring into reality.  We love what we do, and support it with a money back guarantee.   At Krikawa, it's what we do.

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